Jonathan Ross

News: Comedy Central UK Acquires Takeshi's Castle & Jonathan Ross Narrates

Comedy Central has announced that it is the new international home of Takeshi’s Castle, having acquired the rights to new episodes from the brand new Thai series. One of Britain’s best known faces and comedians, Jonathan Ross, has been confirmed to provide humorous commentary over the UK episodes.


Opinion: Everyone Is A Comedian – Even Madonna?

As if the market wasn’t crowded enough now Madonna is considering a career in comedy. Talking to Jonathan Ross on ITV1 last night she said “My plan is... I am going to do stand-up comedy. I’ve worked it all out. I’ve done it in front of someone and I made them laugh.”*

So that’s the answer. If you’ve made someone laugh – and we hope she mean genuine friends and not just employees – you can go for a career in stand-up. Well book me my slot on Live at the Apollo. I’ve been known to raise a few smiles too.


Opinion: Another Chat Show, Another Man

So this week it was announced that The Michael McIntyre Chat Show will start on BBC1 in the Spring. It is no surprise that the network has found a new vehicle for the nation's skippiest stand-up star. And maybe no surprise that it's a chat show. McIntyre is great talker and, more importantly, also a great listener. Anyone who has seen him do small shows will know that he likes nothing better than banter with his audience, so hopefully the sparks will fly when he banters with his guests.

TV Review: Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe, BBC2

I've got a theory that every entertainer – apart from Daniel Kitson, of course – ends up doing something very different to what they originally imagined themselves doing. Johnny Vegas ends up selling tea, Ben Elton ends up writing The Wright Way. I don't know what Charlie Brooker's original ambitions were, to be honest, but I've always felt he wanted to stand outside the establishment tent pissing in, not in it pissing out. But then what do I know about what goes on in Charlie Brooker's brain?


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