Joe Bor

News: Documentary Film Made About Britain's Got Talent Finalist Robert White

A feature-length documentary film is being made about Robert White, the comedian who was a runner-up to Lost Voice Guy Lee Ridley in the Britain's Got Talent final in June, 2018.

The film, directed by fellow comedian Joe Bor, is entitled The Autistic Comedian. It follows White as he heads off on his first post-Britain's Got Talent national tour.

Bor has been working on the film with White for almost a year and hopes it will be out very soon.

News: Viral Comedy Course Launched

Amused Moose Comedy is expanding its range of comedy courses.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Joe Bor

Ten years ago, Joe Bor won the award for Jewish Comedian of the Year. But a question has kept gnawing at Joe’s brain – is he really Jewish enough to be deserving of the title? He tackles the issue in his new show, A Room With A Jew.


Live Review: Old Comedian of the Year, Leicester Square Theatre

Strictly speaking this should be called Middle Aged Comedian of the Year. Most of the the acts were young enough to be the offspring of feisty, filthy 82-year-old compere Lynn Ruth Miller. You only have to be 35 to enter, which is certainly not my definition of old. But, hey, let’s not nitpick too much, this was a night of refreshingly varied comedy rather than endless gags about arthritis.


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