Funny Women

News: Funny Women Looks For New Sponsor

Comedy brand Funny Women is looking for a new sponsor after parting ways with most recent sponsors Benefit Cosmetics.


Live Review: Funny Women Awards Final 2016, Koko

If we wanted to get all political about it Funny Women shouldn’t exist. Comedians are comedians, why should gender even enter into it? But it does and the Funny Women organisation is clearly tapping into something. This year’s final was staged at a bigger venue than usual and it was absolutely packed. For the first time in as long as I can remember I had to review a gig perched on a step at the back of a room.


News: Funny Women Awards 2016 Final Results

The winner of this year's Funny Women Final has been chosen.

It is musical comedian Harriet Braine.

The final took place at Koko in Camden Town. It was sponsored by Benefit Cosmetics and judged by a panel of comedy industry experts.

Click here to see the other finalists.


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