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News: Elis James And John Robins Write Book

Comedians Elis James and John Robins are writing a book to be published later this year.

The Holy Vible will be published by Trapeze Books on October 18 inspired by the duo's chats and in-jokes about obsessions, trivia, beer and more on their cult Radio X show.

News: New Sitcom For Elis James

Welsh soccer-mad comedian Elis James is to star in a new sitcom for Radio 4 entitled Ankle Tag. He plays Gruff, a new father whose own father, Bob, suddenly comes back into his life after a long absence. 

Bob is a convicted fraudster, released from prison on licence, who wants to inveigle his way back into his estranged son's life (again through fraud). He's charming, optimistic, and warm. People like him. That's why they gave him so much of their life savings. 


News: Third Series Of Josh Confirmed

BBC Three sitcom Josh is to return for a third series. As exclusively revealed by Beyond The Joke earlier this year the sitcom starring Josh Widdicombe, Elis James and Beattie Edmondson has been recommissioned. Six new episodes will be made.

News: Elis James To Front Euro 2016 Wales Docs

Comedian, radio presenter and obsessive Welsh football fan Elis James is to front a series of digital comedy shorts for Euro 2016, Elis In Euroland will see the comic travel to France to follow the Welsh national team on their journey and will offer a fans’ eye view of Euro 2016 as it unfolds.

In the series James champions Gareth Bales as Wales' all-time greatest player: “The only other Welsh footballer, arguably, on a par with Gareth is John Charles,” says Elis.


News: Elis James & John Robins Add New Tour Date

Update 16/9: A new London date has just been added. It is at the Forum, NW5 on December 19 and tickets have just gone on sale here. Please note this one will be John Robins reading from his, erm, autobiography, A Robins Amongst The Pigeons, with the aid of Elis James. For other dates see below.


TV Preview: Josh, BBC3

A flatshare sitcom about two dysfunctional blokes who seem incapable of growing up? Peep Show? No, we are talking about Josh, which by one of those quirks of scheduling starts its first series on BBC3 next Wednesday just as the first episode of the final series of Peep Show ends on C4. But flip channels and stick around, if you like one the chances are you will like the other.  

News: Comedian's Bar Story Goes Global

The story about Welsh comedian Elis James’ pithy response to a request for an interview following Wales’ Euro 2016 qualifier victory against Cyprus has continued to spread around the world.

James, XFM Radio presenter and star of BBC3 sitcom Crims, was asked via Twitter if he would be prepared to talk later on Thursday evening on Radio 4’s World Tonight about his country’s rise up the football ranks. James’ tweeted back: “I will be shit-faced unfortunately.”


Live Review: Elis James, Pleasance, Edinburgh

For those of you enjoying Crims on BBC3 you may be interested to read this review of Elis James when he did a stand-up show at the Edinburgh Festival in 2012. His stage persona was not a million miles away from his Crims character, a bit on the meak side but not by any means stupid.


TV Review: Crims, BBC3

Well, this new sitcom certainly cuts to the chase. Luke (Elis James) has barely uttered a sentence while sitting in his car when his mate Jason (Kadiff Kirwan) jumps in and informs Luke that he is his getaway driver just as a posse of police cars pulls up and blocks their exit. Before you can say “how do you plead?” Luke is walking into the ill-named Sunnybank View Young Offender Institute and asking guard Dawn (Cariad Lloyd) if he is going to be bummed.

Preview: Josh, BBC iPlayer

Can you ever reinvent the flatshare sitcom? Or to be more precise, can you reinvent it in 16 minutes? Or to be even more precise, can you reinvent the flatshare sitcom in 16 minutes in a BBC pilot that isn’t actually being broadcast on the TV, going out, initially at least, only online? Well that’s kind of what Josh Widdicombe attempts to do in his new one-off for the Comedy Feeds strand, entitled Josh.


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