Celia Pacquola

Review: Celia Pacquola, Soho Theatre

Celia Pacquola’s show certainly starts with a bang. Well, a bang of the drums anyway. Her entry music is Diana Ross’s I’m Coming Out and the exuberant, bouncy rhythm sets the tone for the next hour. Let Me Know How It All Works Out explores the randomness of life, though there is nothing random about this beautifully written, thoughtfully delivered piece.


Preview: The Comedy Week Ahead – Oct 27 - Nov 2

Improvisation is the flared trousers of comedy. It goes in and out of fashion but never completely goes away. The Comedy Store Players was not the first impro group in the world, but it was the first on in the UK, starting off 30 years ago this week. Early members included Dave Cohen, who currently writes for Not Going Out and someone called Mike Myers. Don’t know what happened to him.

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