Ashley Storrie

News: Scottish Comedy Up For It Returns with Ashley Storrie, Rosco McClelland and Christopher Macarthur Boyd

Scottish comics Ashley Storrie, Rosco McClelland, and Christopher Macarthur Boyd are back for a new series of Up For It. Each week – filmed before lockdown – they take on new activities that test not only their mental and physical skills but also tests their friendship as they sort out the winners and the losers in a search to find who is Up For It?


News: Mother And Daughter Shortlisted For Comedy Award

Mother and daughter Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie have both been shortlsted for Herald Scottish Culture Awards. 

They are in the comedy category alongside Frankie Boyle and Kevin Bridges.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Ashley Storrie

You may know Glasgow rising star Ashley Storrie from her viral clips, such as the inspired one where she imagined what the Handmaid's Tale would be like if it was Scottish. Storrie is also a very good stand-up. A gift for painfully honest unedited storytelling – or should that be Storrietelling? – clearly runs in her family - her mum is comedian Janey Godley.


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