TV: Peter Kay's Car Share, Episode Four, BBC1/iPlayer

I’m afraid I cracked. I’d seen so many references on social media to the final episode of Car Share from people who had watched it on iPlayer I couldn’t handle the tension any longer. I had to watch it. 

And it doesn’t disappoint. Each episode in this series has had its classic, unforgettable moment and part four starts with a big one – John (Kay) miming along to Grandmaster Flash’s White Lines while his gran sits bemused next to him. He is dropping her off so she can wait in for a parcel to arrive. Don't worry, she won’t go hungry, there’s a quiche in the fridge.

It’s worth mentioning, by the way, that Kay is also the director and he does an excellent job, teasing out the unrequited romance, showing a look here, a smile there. The narrative might seem gentle and even corny at times, but he really pulls the viewer in. You almost feel you are sitting in the back seat of John’s little red Fiat (I’m surprised they never used Prince’s Little Red Corvette).

The episode really gathers emotional momentum when John picks up Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) and they chat about everything but their feelings for each other as they travel to and from work. You can't help sensing something dramatic is going to happen. At one point they are so wrapped up in a hand-holding nostalgic singalong I did wonder if they were going to be involved a head on collision. 

Now that would have been daring. But I think Kay is too soft-hearted to do that. And he might want to make another series. Tthe ending is pretty gripping anyway, It would not be fair to spoil it for those that haven't seen it- though I may update this article once the programme goes out. Needless to say none of the major characters are killed off in horrible commuter-related incidents and the door is left wide open for more episodes. I'm not hungry for quiche, I'm hungry for more Car Share.

Tuesdays, BBC1, 9pm. Episode Four airs on May 2. All four episodes are now available on iPlayer here.

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