TV: Peter Kay's Car Share, Episode Two, BBC1/iPlayer

I’m not sure whether this should be billed as a preview or a review. At the time of writing the second episode of Peter Kay’s Car Share has not been broadcast, but judging by the Ed Sheeran-style record-breaking success of the four-part series box set on iPlayer I expect a lot of people reading this will have already seen the second episode. And the third and the fourth. I’m still keeping it old school and resisting a binge.

So I will be brief and not too spolier-y. Comedy fans might be divided about Kay’s mainstream route one style of stand-up but please don’t group Car Share in with Mrs Brown’s Boys. This is a nuanced, touching type of northern comedy, closer to Victoria Wood. Yes, it is on the sentimental side at times, but you can rest assured a laugh will be just around the corner. There are also some nifty little sight gags here, though maybe none quite of the calibre of the signpost for the Shaun Ryder Rehab Centre in the first episode (I've checked, there isn't one).

And in episode two John (Peter Kay) and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) are sharing John’s transport again, even if it is to go to a party rather than work. It’s fancy dress of course, which means John is Harry Potter and Kayleigh is Hagrid.

After the (unseen) party, as which Kayleigh gets drunk but John is the designated driver, they have an extra home-time passenger in the shape of hulking Smurf Elsie (played by Conleth Hill, from Game of Thrones). In a way I prefer Car Share when it is simply Kay and Gibson talking, but Elsie does bring something fresh to the party.

There’s an obvious undertow of potential romance in this second series, with the pop songs from Forever FM commentating on the unspoken feelings between John and Kayleigh. But towards the end of the episode it looks like the unspoken is about to be spoken – you’ll have to watch to see how this is beautifully played out. Let's just say that it’s apt that Kay is Harry Potter - this is wizard stuff.

Tuesdays, BBC1, 9pm. All four episodes are now available on iPlayer here.

Review of Episode One Here.

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