News: Katherine Ryan Announces UK Tour

Katherine Ryan has extended the tour of her latest show, Glam Role Model, into 2015 due to popular demand.

In Katherine Ryan’s homeland of Canada, it isn’t unheard of for women to expose their breasts in public. To her amusement, however, here in the UK this questionable pastime actually has a title: ‘glamour modelling’.


News: Joan Rivers Dies

Update 4/9/14: News is coming in that 81-year-old comedian Joan Rivers has died in New York. She had been hospitalised last week. She was reportedly having her vocal chords checked when she suffered respiratory problems and was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital. Her daughter Melissa said she died peacefully surrounded by family and friends.

News: Matthew Holness Film To Air At Film Festival

Possum, the feature debut from Garth Marenghi star Matthew Holness, is to be screened at the third annual FilmFear season - six days of horror, extreme cinema, cult favourites and special guests coming to Manchester this October.


News: Second Series Of Hold The Sunset Starts Shooting

Shooting has started on the second series of the BBC One comedy Hold the Sunset starring John Cleese and written by Oscar-nominated writer Charles McKeown. 


Review: The Luke McQueen Pilots, Episode Three: The Luke of Love, BBC Three/BBC One

The final instalment of the Luke McQueen trilogy finds the hapless comedian lobbed into the world of Love Island-style reality TV when he becomes the subject of his very own Bachelor-style show, The Luke of Love, handily abbreviated to LOL.

As McQueen cannily observes at the outset, women often want to date someone with a sense of humour.So who better than an actual stand-up like him? Except that the six women competing for his attention don’t seem to find him remotely funny. Well, not intentionally anyway.


News: Denis Norden Dies

Veteran comedy writer Denis Norden has died. He was 96.

Norden was most famous as the original host of the long-running TV bloopers show It'll Be Alright on the Night from 1977 to 2006. But before then he had had an important career as a pioneering writer of television and radio comedy.


Review: Rob Delaney, Joe Wilkinson, Zoe Lyons, Fin Taylor – Greenwich Comedy Festival

The Greenwich Comedy Festival always marks the end of summer for me. Kids back at school, getting dark on the way to the gig. In the past it has been coats-on cold inside the cavernous tented venue, but this year a combination of full house, lively acts and maybe some extra heating seemed to deliver the perfect storm of a great night.

News: Who Is On The New Series Of Live At The Apollo?

The new series of Live at the Apollo looks set to feature the most diverse line-up yet.

The first two shows were filmed back-to-back at the legendary Hammersmith venue on Monday night and boasted a decidedly multicultural line-up.

Ellie Taylor – probably the first person to front the long-running show while pregnant – hosted and introduced Tez Ilyas and token white male Fin Taylor.

The second show was hosted by Jamali Maddix and the guests were Sindhu Vee and Fern Brady.


News: New Video Game Book From Go 8 Bit's Steve McNeil

Steve McNeil, one of the comedians behind the Dave channel's gaming hit Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit, has written a book charting the history of the video game, entitled Hey! Listen!: A Journey Through the Golden Era of Video Games 

McNeil likes computer games so much he took his Nintendo Wii on honeymoon (obviously) and played it so much he damaged an eye and had to wear an eye patch. The locals nicknamed him 'the pale pirate'.



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