Preview: The Week Ahead Feb 2 - 8

Seann Walsh

Seann Walsh seems to have been earmarked for stardom from the moment he emerged, shaggy-haired and hyperactive, from the Brighton club scene in the late noughties, but after a bit of tinkering under the bonnet he has now officially been annointed as one of comedy's next big things. He has just filmed a pilot of a new BBC sitcom Monks, he is a regular on panel games and chat shows and from this Monday Walsh brings his Foster's Award-nominated breakthrough show, The Lie-In King, to The Soho Theatre.

It is an indication of the buzz around Walsh that extra dates have just been added, from April 8 - 19. If you don't know him already, shame on you, but there is still time to play catch-up. He has always portrayed himself as the ultimate slacker and some of his past shows have, ironically, been a bit untogether, but the Lie-In King works perfectly as Walsh recalls attempting to grow up but ending up choosing a flat because of its proximity to the nearest 24/7 offie. There's a bit of loud music, some great anecdote-based set-pieces and if you are lucky you might even get a Michael McIntyre impression. Who knows – in a few years time some upstart will probably be doing Seann Walsh impressions.  

Talking of upstarts, Ireland's baggy-headed Rubberbandits are back at Soho to premiere their new show, Continental Fistfight. The prelude to their new set has been the online release of the video for Dad's Best Friend, a trult chilling clip about the horrors of being a suit-wearing middle-aged Mondeo man. Last time Dave Chambers (Blindboy Boatclub) and Bob McGlynn (Mr Chrome) appeared in Soho the chairs and tables were removed and this became more of a jumpy rap gig than chin-scratching comedy show. They may not be to everyone's tastes but they can be very funny – their lyrics are often as clever as they are dumb. So pay attention - just don't watch the Dad's Best Friend video at bedtime or you might have nightmares.

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