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BD: Who do you like drinking with?

SW: Josh Widdicombe, he's a bit of a dark horse, the old Widders. He is like my friend Drunk Tom. They stay out but are hammered from pint two. Drunk Tom cut open his chin in the underpass by the Pleasance Dome and had to have stitches, that's when he got the nickname.

BD: Are you thinking of giving up drinking?

SW: I'm already sort of too busy to keep it up, I can't function on a hangover and when I'm doing TV it's office hours and I can't do it, so it can't go on forever, but I still have big sessions when there is a day off. And they will be big. But you have to look after yourself. I've started exercising to sort myself out, I do like to perform, as embarrassing as it sounds, and it is harder to become larger than life when drowsy and down. I need energy. I'm too self-conscious for a gym. I used to play football but these days I get knackered after eating a baguette. You have to plan more outside your show, it's not like Rocky, but you can't just turn up and do it. I'm 27, the eye bags aren't going as quickly as they used to.

BD: What about drugs?

SW: One thing about getting a mortgage is I've found out I don't have any disposable income for drugs!

BD: What about your acting career? You are in the Comedy Central sitcom Big Bad World.

SW: Making hat was the best three months of my life, but now all I can think about is Edinburgh. But I want to do more acting and I'd like to direct too.

BD: Do you suffer from nerves?

SW: If I'm having a good show I'll tell you everything is fantastic but I've lost count of the amount of times I've thought of just jumping on a plane to Dublin, hiding in a pub and not going to Edinburgh. Or just hiding in bed. But I just love it. When I was a kid Jim Carrey was a favourite. He inspired me to get into comedy when I was a child but smoking and drinking changes you. I could do everything Jim Carrey could do, like make my eyebrows go up and down. I trained myself for ages then you get older and it's not cool to do Jim Carrey impressions any more. I'm more interested in drinking and smoking and now I wish I'd stuck with the eyebrows. Ha ha ha.

BD: Your Edinburgh picture, surrounded by kebab wrappers and empty bottles of alcohol sums up this stage in your life.

SW: I did the picture before I'd written the show, but I knew it was going to about drinking at some point. The poster would have fitted last years show and the show before that. 

BD: Was the title, The Lie-In King, your idea?

SW: It's the first time I've thought of a title. I've always made them as terrible as possible as a joke for myself then I did this one and I was told its quite good.

BD: What's the best thing about drinking?

SW: The reason anyone drinks is to give you the unexpected. You wake up and you can't believe what you did. Every night is an adventure. Yes, you feel bad, but actually it's corny but you get a story out of it. I ring my friends in Brighton to find out what they've done and it always triggers something in my head. There are always regrets and it always ends with a hangover though. I guess the moral is that however good it was you shouldn't have done it.

BD: What are you like when you are drunk?

SW: I'm not a faller-over. I'm up until the end and I'm not a slurred. Well I don't think I am. I'm the one outside your window singing Coldplay or Oasis. There will be dancing. I'm one of those people you hate when you are trying to sleep. I don't lose things, just friends.

BD: Do you have a favourite Edinburgh story?

SW: The first time I was on Mock The Week I was in Edinburgh doing the Big Value Show. I was only 22 and that night i couldn't get into my flat and had to sleep on the main road outside using bin bags as pillows. In the morning people were having to step over me to get to work, going 'isn't that the bloke from Mock The Week?'

BD: Is you flat party central this year then?

SW: No, I stay on my own during the Fringe. I need to be able to walk away from the carnage at some point. I don't drink on my own and if there were people there I'm very easily swayed. I go on walks and stuff. There's two Seann Walshs. Would I have gone on walks five years ago? God no. 



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