Preview: The Week Ahead Aug 3 - 9

Frankie Boyle

Can’t make it to the Edinburgh Fringe this week? No problem. Set up camp in W1 for the Phoenix Fringe. If Edinburgh is all about diversity, the Phoenix is pretty diverse too. Frankie Boyle is doing a work-in-progress on Sunday and Monday night and Milton Jones is warming up for his next tour on Saturday. If you can come up with two crowdpleasing clowns who are as different as those two when it comes to material I’m a banana.

Sitting snugly between Boyle and Jones both stylistically and chronologically are plenty of other good acts. Al Murray is holding court on Tuesday night and Nick Helm is there on Wednesday. Both of them then head up to Edinburgh. Look out too, for Aisling Bea on Thursday, Tiernan Douieb on Friday and Alistair Barrie on Saturday. Check out the website here for further treats.

Ursula Martinez has been a familiar name on the alt-cabaret-cum-performance-art scene for a few years now, but she gained more popularity than she bargained for when she appeared as part of the La Clique show, doing her famous Hanky Panky routine, in which she takes off all of her clothes and still manages to conceal and then produce and red handkerchief from her person. A clip of her doing it appeared online and prompted a rash of emails from eager fans who had developed a crush on her, some of whom decided to send pictures of themselves. Martinez turned the correspondence into an intriguing, autobiographical show about the nature of identity in the internet age, My Stories, Your Emails, which she revives at the Purcell Room from Tuesday to Sunday.

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