Review: Mae Martin – Dope, Netflix

UK-based Canadian Mae Martin is certainly getting good mileage out of her 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated show Dope. Bits of it have cropped up on BBC radio and now a shortened version of the full set gets an airing. While UK fans might be familiar with her story of addiction and recovery, this episode acts should act as a welcome introduction to a very talented comic for international viewers.

And even if you have seen Martin's show before it is well worth watching again as she recalls how she has always had an addictive personality. It used to be an addiction to Bette Midler, then comedy, then drugs. It's the dopamine high that does it. Once you've had it, some people can't get enough of it. The pixie-ish stand-up is one of those people.

Martin paints a hilarious picture of growing up in Canada (where, coincidentally, this was filmed), with her indulgent parents dressing her like a Dickensian orphan and taking her to comedy clubs at an early age. One anecdote involves her being 'invited' onstage to play the headliner's ventriloquist's dummy. Once she got her first laugh she was hooked.

Even when the story turns more dark Martin finds the laughter in it, always calling back to the mischievous giggling shrimp in her brain that keeps coming alive and demanding to be fed. This is a show that reminds us that Martin is a terrific entertainlng, thoughtful stand-up. Now what we could really do with is a brand new show.

Watch on Netflix now. 

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