News: Al Porter Takes Time From His Radio Show

News: Al Porter Issues Statement

Irish comedian Al Porter is to take a break from hosting his lunchtime radio show for broadcaster Today FM.

The station has issued a statement this evening, saying: “In light of recent events, Today FM and Al Porter have agreed that Al will take some personal time from his lunchtime radio show. No further comment will be made by Today FM at this time.”

Porter has been in the news today due to sexual misconduct allegations.

The Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee is also the host of the Irish version of Blind Date and broadcaster TV3 cancelled Saturday night’s repeat of the final episode of the series. A spokesperson said: “TV3 is aware of the allegations made against Al Porter. TV3 takes any allegations of this nature very seriously and decided it would be inappropriate to broadcast the repeat of the final episode of Blind Date scheduled for this evening (Saturday 18th November). TV3 has no further comment to make at this time.”

Read 27/11/19 update here.


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