News: Jason Manford, John Thomson Comment On Manchester Atrocity

Comedians have commented on the atrocity at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

Jason Manford, who is from Greater Manchester and has five young children, went on Facebook live. He broke down in tears when he said that his children are fans of the singer and if he had known about the concert he might have taken them.

"They want your life to change," he said. "For 20 people tonight there's an empty bed in each of their houses...Unfortunately hatred is winning. It won't win though but at the moment it is."

Another Mancunian, Cold Feet star John Thomson, also commented on Facebook: "My daughters and I are safe. We were supposed to go but couldn't get decent tickets. We were only there last Tuesday and Bruno Mars the week before. It's just awful, terrible atmosphere everywhere, a city in mourning. Innocent children & families."

Joe Lycett, who was due to play a benefit for Jim Tavare at the Manchester Comedy Store tonight which has now been postponed tweeted: "Tonight's show in Manchester is postponed. I'm in awe at the kindness & compassion of their great city today. In awe, but not surprised." Tavare himself posted this on Facebook: "I grew up in south Manchester and have been crushed by this terrible news."

Talk show host James Corden said: "We’ll all go to bed holding our little ones even tighter this evening.”

Meanwhile Peter Kay was among the many thousands who took part in the vigil in Manchester's city centre. Speaking to Granada Reports he said that he couldn't believe it when he was told about the terror attack. Kay worked at the arena as a steward in 1995 before becoming a stand-up and said the news was surreal.


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