News: BBC Axes David Baddiel Radio Show

The BBC has not recommissioned the Radio 4 show Don’t Make Me Laugh.

The show was created and fronted by David Baddiel and got into hot water earlier this year over jokes about the sex life of the Queen in a pre-recorded episode which coincided with the day of the Queen’s 90th birthday.

The BBC received over 120 complaints about the show and the BBC Trust ruled that the episode was in "serious breach" of editorial guidelines. 

Radio 4 has issued the following statement adding that the decision was not based on the BBC Trust ruling: “We’re lucky to receive hundreds of great ideas from brilliant comedians who want to work with Radio 4, and we always bring a mix of returning shows to our audiences whilst also finding space for new programmes in our packed schedule. This means not all shows get recommissioned as otherwise it would be impossible to try out fresh formats and ideas.”

Read the full story here. Following the report David Baddiel confirmed that the show would not be returning in this tweet: 'Fraid so. I'm hoping maybe to pitch it again once we get past the 1960s. Oh no wait a minute, it's 2016."


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