News: Baddiel v Mail Over Queen Sex & Toilet Jokes

David Baddiel has come under fire from the Mail for being responsible for a programme that made jokes about the Queen's sex life on the day of the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations.

The remarks were broadcast last Thursday on Baddiel's Radio 4 series, Don't Make Me Laugh in which guests have to avoid making the audience laugh. According to a story on Mail Online, panellists were asked to discuss 'the fact that the Queen must have had sex at least four times' and Russell Kane said: 'For me this is just a quadruple representation of why inherited power is so dangerous."

According to the article with the headline "Why did Radio 4 put out this vile prime-time show on Her Majesty's birthday?" Kane went on to say 'The Queen having had sex at least four times is no laughing matter whatsoever because we're forced to imagine Prince Philip and his work in the creation of those children. It's not something any of us…' There were further remarks regarding the Queen going to the toilet.

Other guests on the show were Sara Pascoe, Omid Djalili and Adam Hess. 

The Mail took further issue with Baddiel, who both devised and hosts the programme, because even when he apologised on Twitter saying "sorry royalists" he added a listen again link to the programme.

According to Baddiel the pre-recorded programme was scheduled to go out at a later date but it was Radio 4 that changed the running order, causing the subsequent kerfuffle.

Listen to the programme here.


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