News: Greg Davies Becomes Taskmaster Host

Greg Davies

Greg Davies is to host a TV version of Taskmaster, the live show devised by Alex Horne in which comedians compete against each other in a series of unlikely challenges. The show will be broadcast by Dave. Horne will appear as right-hand man and also has a credit as producer.

The idea is to demonstrate how creative and seriously competitive comedians are.  Rivalry will be encouraged, dodgy tactics rewarded and bribes will be accepted in what is set to be the most the most dogged, hard-fought and ridiculous comedy show on TV.

I took part in the live version of Taskmaster in 2011. Among the tasks that were set I had to make a replica of Alex Horne and invest £10. I bet the money on one of David Beckham's children playing for England so I may still win that round. The live version lasted from one Fringe to the next. The TV version will consist of six one-hour episodes.

Richard Watsham, Director of Commissioning, UKTV, said: “Entertainment shows with this level of invention and ambition are extremely rare so it’s great to have it on Dave. It absolutely demonstrates our commitment to taking risks where other broadcasters might not. The thought of Alex Horne’s off beat comic genius brought to life with Greg Davies as the ultimate, authoritarian Taskmaster has me smiling already.”

Steve North, General Manager of Dave said: “Having seen Taskmaster live in Edinburgh back in 2011, it is fantastic to now bring the show to Dave viewers. It is a hilarious, full of energy and anarchic humour and is a great addition to the channel’s line up of original shows, which I hope will continue to widen the viewers that Dave appeals to. I can’t wait to see it on the channel.”


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