tiffany stevenson
This is one of those weeks when comedy fans in London would be well-advised to pitch a tent in the foyer of the Soho Theatre and create their own bespoke mini-comedy festival. As well as ongoing... more
hill & weedon
The Musical Comedy Awards are now in the fifth year and firmly established as part of the comedy firmament. This year they even started to go slightly global. There is also an Irish Musical Comedy... more
paul f tompkins
I try not not to do too much research on acts I'm reviewing for the first time so that I can judge them without any baggage getting in the way. When I reviewed Paul F Tompkins for the Evening... more
richard herring
I was a little worried when I heard that Harry Hill was going back on the road after eight years away. Would it be a case of a deluded boxer returning to the ring thinking he could still cut it?... more
mark thomas
This is a short review of Mark Thomas' inspirational show Bravo Figaro! which was first published in the Evening Standard when it premiered at the Edinburgh Festival last summer. You can read the... more
This is my review of Pappy's that ran during the Edinburgh Festival last August. I was on the Foster's Award Panel and I really thought they had a chance of winning it. Their shows had always been... more
Easter Monday coincided with April Fools Day this year so I spent the afternoon at the Royal Festival Hall where Rainer Hersch was hosting his annual comedy classical music concert. I could not help... more
paul f tompkins
When sketch combo Pappy's announced that their 2012 Edinburgh show was called their Last Show Ever I wondered if this was not entirely a joke. After making a big splash as Pappy's Fun Club in the... more
Found Footage
The Found Footage Festival at the Soho Theatre is definitely not stand-up comedy. I'm not even sure if this cult American show is really what you would call a festival. No tents or overnight stays... more
Harry Hill
This really was one of the most wonderful and most weird big-venue gigs I've ever seen, from the unique entrance to the grandstanding finale. At 48 it would be understandable for Harry Hill to... more


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