Jamie Kilstein
It can't be easy being a political comedian in America these days. No sooner do you open your mouth than the critics are measuring you against Bill Hicks. Jamie Kilstein must be getting used to this... more
Sean Hughes
The bobbies on the beat might be getting younger but you can tell that the comedians are getting older by the number doing shows about mid-life crises and their ailing parents. Mark Thomas' Bravo... more
Ardal O'Hanlon
Sometimes fate steps in to make a story more topical after it has been published. That is the case with this Ardal O'Hanlon review which appeared in the Evening Standard last week. You can read the... more
Sarah Silverman
A version of this review of Sarah Silverman below first appeared in the Evening Standard. You can read the original review here. I wanted to add a new introduction because Silverman is so uniquely... more
The twentieth Leicester Comedy Festival could not have got off to a better, more high profile start if the TV channel that sponsored it was called Richard instead of Dave. By a nice coincidence the... more
Kerry Godliman
The best thing about Derek. It's the opinion that is already being expressed widely about Kerry Godliman's portrayal of tough-yet-good-hearted manager Hannah, and the Ricky Gervais series set in a... more
luisa omielan
Once you see Luisa Omielan's fizzy, full-throttle, hot-blooded performance in What Would Beyoncé Do? you won't forget it. The pocket-sized sassy comedian never holds back, charging around the... more
Chris Ramsey
When I reviewed this show for the Evening Standard I gave Chris Ramsey three stars, which might have suggested that the gig was not a big hit with me. Well, I'm not revising my opinion. I just want... more
Funny old world. Margaret Thatcher dies and Alexei Sayle extends his current comeback at Soho Theatre due to popular demand. I'm not saying I'm old, but I saw Alexei Sayle do stand-up before he... more
Alexander Armstrong
Here's my review of Alexander Armstrong from earlier this year. He is back in London to play the London Festival of Cabaret from Oct 28 - 31. Details here.Now here's a funny thing. Alexander... more


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