Of all the Urban Myths short films in this new series it was this one, homing in on an early meeting between David Bowie and Marc Bolan, that I was most anxious about. It is also the one that stirred... more
Of all the Urban Myths episodes I've watched so far The Dali And The Cooper is probably the most filmic and easily the most trippy. Maybe not surprising as it was directed by Iain Forsyth and... more
There's so much to say about Funny Cow I don't know where to begin. The film is simply not what I expected. Having heard that the likes of Jim Moir (Vic Reeves) and John Bishop had cameos in it, I... more
Yes siree, that is Frank Skinner playing country legend Johnny Cash hiding behind a snowman while trying to set a trap for an ostrich in his back garden. The latest one-off film in this entertaining... more
A shorter version of this review appeared in the Evening Standard here.Say what you like about his politics, you can’t fault the work ethic of Mark Thomas. Last autumn he fronted a show about... more
This was a big-time charity gig in America and they clearly do things differently there. The audience is sitting at posh tables, there are chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and, hey, isn't that... more
Greg Davies really is a big star. And not only because he is 6ft 8ins. His You Magnificent Beast tour included four nights at the 4000-seater Apollo in London (where this was recorded), his C4 sitcom... more
For the second short Urban Myths film in this run of reimagined famous events it is July 1985, we are backstage at Live Aid and, understandably, organiser Bob Geldof is in a bit of a tizzy. Nobody... more
Later in this new series imagining and fleshing out famous showbiz stories we've got the prospect of Noel Fielding as Alice Cooper and Jack Whitehall as Marc Bolan, but first up is Gemma Arterton as... more
The Laugharne Weekend is one of the arts/literary festival circuit’s best kept secrets and I hope it stays that way. The last thing this tiny South Wales town – pronounced "Larn" – needs is to be... more


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