Each of Sky Arts' Urban Myths has had a different tone and this one is no exception. Agatha Christie delves into the mystery surrounding the12-day disappearance of the celebrated crime writer in 1926... more
I think it would be fair to say I'm not in Riot Girls' target demographic. Then again i'm younger than former Labour spin doctor Alistair Campbell and he tweeted that this new hidden camera sketch... more
Lucy Farrett's cavalcade of comic characters are shot through with tension and underground anarchy, the high octane music that soundtrack her pogo-ing costume changes reinforcing the subliminal punk... more
Peter Kay is not known for pushing artistic boundaries, so it was certainly interesting to see an improvised episode of his hit sitcom Car Share. Whether it worked, however, was another matter.Even... more
A decade ago Richard Herring dissected middle age with Oh Fuck I'm 40. The sequel finds him in a different place with Oh Frig I'm 50. Back then it was a wild life of drinking, partying and one-night-... more
What have Late Night Gimp Fight been up to since their last live show four years ago? Well, it would seem the answer is considering life, death, Kim Kardashian and most recently falling foul of... more
Of all the Urban Myths short films in this new series it was this one, homing in on an early meeting between David Bowie and Marc Bolan, that I was most anxious about. It is also the one that stirred... more
Of all the Urban Myths episodes I've watched so far The Dali And The Cooper is probably the most filmic and easily the most trippy. Maybe not surprising as it was directed by Iain Forsyth and... more
There's so much to say about Funny Cow I don't know where to begin. The film is simply not what I expected. Having heard that the likes of Jim Moir (Vic Reeves) and John Bishop had cameos in it, I... more
Yes siree, that is Frank Skinner playing country legend Johnny Cash hiding behind a snowman while trying to set a trap for an ostrich in his back garden. The latest one-off film in this entertaining... more


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