Susan Calman revealed at the start of her set that she has recently bought a large property. After Trump was elected she thought she might as well go out in style: "If we are going to die we... more
It was pretty much par for the course that the first gag I heard on arrival at this year's Latitude 2017 was Chris Ramsey talking about his fear of having to wipe baby pooh off the TV remote. And of... more
Let’s hope Nigel Farage doesn’t watch Live from the BBC or he might spontaneously combust when he sees Josie Long’s set. For those that are convinced that the BBC is run by a secret cabal of card-... more
Is the world ready for an Anglo-Asian David Brent? That feels like the premise of this new online series starring Humza Arshad as hapless reporter Ahmed Armstrong, who works for local -... more
I’ve usually found Vic Reeves to be a pretty elusive interviewee, always opting for a gag when you want some insight, but he was unusually open in this interview with actor/director Tony Pitts about... more
After a tactful buffer-zone break featuring a Live From The BBC starring Doc Brown, this iPlayer series now showcases John Robins, who, at the time this material was first performed, was the partner... more
Emma Sidi's short, titled Last Resort, is set in Corfu where twentysomethings Alex (Sidi) and Becca (Kath Hughes) have gone to relive their hedonistic party animal youth. They've got the booze, they'... more
Comedian Ahir Shah's short is set in the suburbs where a family is celebrating Indian Independence Day with a big meal. Except that Viraj (Shah) has to break some news to his grandmother.... more
The English countryside is a rich source of comedy. Just look at the recent success of BBC3's This Country or Julia Davis' Camping. And this short by comedy regulars Pepperdine and White mines a... more
David Earl and Joe Wilkinson appear to have missed the memo that said that these comedy shorts were supposed to have a summer theme. Luckily they remembered the bit about them being comedies. ... more


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