For strictly one night only the Whyte and Mackay Glasgow Comedy Festival came to London. Appropriately on Burns night. There was no haggis, but the audience did get a distinctive taste of what is in... more
Philosophy seems to be a suitable subject for comedy at the moment. Ethical issues have been one of the strands of the brilliant Netflix series The Good Place and now here comes Robert Newman with... more
The second episode of this 1980s-set coming-of-age Irish sitcom written by Lisa McGee proves that the brilliance of the first episode of Derry Girls was not a fluke. Which is lucky for Channel 4 as... more
The third series of comedy thriller Witless has just come out on iPlayer in one big five-episode dollop. And if you think Leanne and Rhona are going to be able to go back to their boring, ordinary... more
What's in a name? Scrotal Recall always felt more like the title of a Dapper Laughs DVD than a sensitive comedy about modern romance so Netflix has been canny – though some might also say prudish –... more
Typical. You wait ages for an anthology series of twisted one-offs and then two come along at the same time. Inside No. 9 kicks off on BBC2 on January 2 but before then the entire boxed set of... more
Well episode one certainly lived up to expectations and then some. I don't know about yours but when I looked on my Twitter feed the praise for the League of Gentlemen's return had broken my internet... more
(editor's note - still avoiding League of Gentlemen spoilers as many will be watching on catch-up)Well, the sign said “You’ll never leave”. Maybe it should have said “you’ll be back.” This... more
Well, it's not your typical Christmas play. Thirty Christmases begins with a member of the audience being asked to peel a saucepan full of potatoes. It quickly becomes apparent we are gathered for a... more
A few years ago Kayvan Novak seemed to be all over TV like a rash. Not just in prank shows such as Fonejacker and Facejacker but acting in comedies such as Inside No 9, Uncle and Rev. In this one-off... more


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