Comedian Ahir Shah's short is set in the suburbs where a family is celebrating Indian Independence Day with a big meal. Except that Viraj (Shah) has to break some news to his grandmother.... more
The English countryside is a rich source of comedy. Just look at the recent success of BBC3's This Country or Julia Davis' Camping. And this short by comedy regulars Pepperdine and White mines a... more
David Earl and Joe Wilkinson appear to have missed the memo that said that these comedy shorts were supposed to have a summer theme. Luckily they remembered the bit about them being comedies. ... more
Andrew Flintoff is already a star on Sky thanks to his antics on A League Of Their Own and now he plays a romantic lead – no pun intended – in Pacino & Bert, this short film about a dreamy dog... more
Jocelyn Jee Esien's very short two-hander finds her playing a daughter lost in a West London park with her mum (Ellen Thomas) as they try to find their way to the Notting Hill Carnival.They are all... more
Sky has attracted some big talent for its latest series of shorts and none bigger than serial genius Sharon Horgan, who sadly doesn't appear in Morgana Robinson's Summer but has written this pocket-... more
One of the heated debates on social media is whether Count Arthur Strong has transferred successfully from radio to television. There is a school of thought that somehow the dotty creation of Steve... more
Well she got famous by sitting on a sofa and criticising people. Now the Ugg boot is truly on the other foot with this revolutionary concept in which Scarlett Moffatt has to present a show without a... more
Richard Herring interviewed his old podcast sparring partner Andrew Collins for his latest series of Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcasts. Andrew McHaffie witnessed the historic Frost/... more
Well, they do say comedy is all about timing. This shortened version of Sara Pascoe’s last full-length show, just released as part of the BBC’s second Live from the BBC series, contains a chunk of... more


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