I'm not surprised last Tuesday's edition of The Nightly Show fronted by David Walliams struggled in the ratings. Breaking news of the discovery of intelligent life on Mars (or in the White House)... more
Can John Bishop save The Nightly Show? That is what ITV may well be asking behind closed doors. They might be putting on a brave face but after the critical drubbing David Walliams received last week... more
Mark Thomas is not just one of the best comedians of his generation, he is also one of the most prolific. While others might be content to churn out gags about their prostate tests he constantly... more
I was so distracted by the recurring car crash of The Nightly Show that a much better new ITV1 comedy series passed me by this week. Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule kicked off on Thursday evening and... more
As anyone who watched the spoiler-packed trailer at the end of last week's opening episode set in China will know already Sean (Ade Oyefeso) doesn't become the meat in a stir fry. Instead he just... more
Kerry gets the entrepreneurial bug this week when her screaming mum lobs her Playstation out of the window and she needs money to buy a new one. You can see that this is going to end in tears,... more
Is The Riddle of the Sphinx the best-ever Inside No 9? It is certainly the cleverest. Too clever for words one could even say. How much you relish it may, however, depend on how much of a... more
The honeymoon is definitely over. Series three of Catastrophe picks up at the point where Rob has found a receipt for the morning after pill. In an earlier scene at the end of Series 2 Sharon had... more
Maybe the theme tune should have been Things Can Only Get Better. ITV1’s much-trailed attempt at a topical comedy and chat show five nights a week started with a plodding episode that was equal parts... more
I don’t know if BBC Three needs to work on their SEO or if it is because I’m not fluent in YouTube-ing, but I struggled to find the third episode of Pls Like by googling alone (and even... more


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