We all love comedians chatting off-duty, that’s why Jerry Seinfield’s Comedians In Cars series and Alan Davies As Yet Untitled do so well. and now BBC Three has got in on the act with the low-budget... more
I read an early review of this production of The Miser where it was described as a “mugfest”. I asked my partner to come with me. She loves a mugfest after a hard day's work. And true enough this... more
First of all a pre-emptive apology. When you see eight sketch groups in one show it is inevitable that some of the material overlaps. It is also inevitable that some of the performers – mostly in... more
After a quiet period from Simon Amstell the thoughtful, angsty comedian is gearing up for a higher profile this year. A UK tour has recently been announced but before then he makes his directorial... more
This wonderful series ends with an episode that takes its cue from the classic sitcom idea that characters are trapped. From Steptoe & Son to Red Dwarf to The Office the comedy comes from people... more
Somehow I’ve managed to miss Iain Stirling’s TV career. That might be because his main appearances have been on ITV2’s Love Island (not as a contestant, doing voiceover) and on children’s TV. I don’t... more
Adam Kay used to be a full-time doctor but these days he doesn’t have to worry about saving people’s lives, he just has to worry about getting bad reviews. Not that he is going to get any for his... more
Marketing teams take note. It was interesting to discover how Stuart Goldsmith sold most tickets for his show at the Glasgow Comedy Festival. Not through PR. Not through advertising. Through his... more
The backpacking comedy-drama makes it to Vietnam this week, where the young foursome is torn between party-fuelled hedonism and adventure and working in an orphanage. And then there is Greg (Tim Key... more
There is a brilliant new interview with the creators of This Country, Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Cooper, here in which they say that the series is basically their experience of growing up... more


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