Mark Thomas by Steve Ullathorne
This review first appeared in the London Evening Standard here.Mark Thomas is taking the show on tour. Details here. Mark Thomas has always been artistically ambitious, devising distinctive... more
This review first appeared in the London Evening Standard here.Tim Key also appears at the Arts Theatre from December 7 - 10. Tickets here. The comedy world was shocked recently by the... more
I'll keep this review brief because if you have good taste in comedy you will have seen The Death Of Stalin already.Director Armando Iannucci has already sent up British and American politics... more
The Jack Whitehall quest for global domination continues with his new comedy-thriller in which he plays bookish boffin Barnaby who unwittingly gets sucked into the violent criminal underworld.And it'... more
I've only watched the first episode of The End of the F**king World. Maybe there are more laughs later on. But at the moment this eight-part series, based on a comic by Charles Forsman, is a dark... more
Even if you don't think much of his comedy you have to admire Jack Whitehall's work ethic. This week alone he has this one-off live show coming out on Netflix, a new series Bounty Hunters on Sky and... more
When something life-changingly dramatic happens in your life and you want to mention it in your comedy set how do you go about it? Tig Notaro famously opened by saying "Good evening. Hello. I... more
I'm not going to attempt to mount a huge defence of this current series of Porridge. In fact I can totally understand the bile that gets lobbed in its direction on Twitter when it is being broadcast... more
Is there still a place for Dom Joly in 2017? After returning with a first All4 series of Trigger Happy TV he is now back with a second series and I'm not so sure.Part of the problem is not his fault... more
Wearing shorts, kneepads and an ice hockey top, Tony Law is muscular, masculine and hilarious in a role that brings a whole new physical element to his comedy. The bearded Canadian comic swoops... more


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