Well, it's not your typical Christmas play. Thirty Christmases begins with a member of the audience being asked to peel a saucepan full of potatoes. It quickly becomes apparent we are gathered for a... more
A few years ago Kayvan Novak seemed to be all over TV like a rash. Not just in prank shows such as Fonejacker and Facejacker but acting in comedies such as Inside No 9, Uncle and Rev. In this one-off... more
Garrett Millerick is angry. Bloody livid. And so was I when I arrived at his show last night. Due to traffic jams around every corner I arrived ten minutes late so didn't quite know how Millerick had... more
Just think. In a parallel universe Richard Herring could have been asking the Prime Minister if he had ever tried to suck his own cock. Except if Ed Miliband had not eaten that bacon... more
A few months ago I was asked by a national newspaper to set up an interview with a famous English comedian. They became particularly keen when I told them he was learning Chinese for a future role.... more
As comedy-heavy casts go Brakes takes some beating. Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Julia Davis, Steve Oram, Oliver Maltman and Seb Cardinal as well as Roland Gift, Paul McGann and Kerry Fox are among... more
There are all sorts of legends about actors getting a bit too consumed by their roles. Was it Daniel Day Lewis who thought he was seeing his father's ghost when he played Hamlet? (it was, I just... more
Well it's certainly got plenty going on. You don't have to do a forensic assessment of Michael McIntyre's Big Show to spot traces of Noel Edmonds, Jeremy Beadle and Ant & Dec. There's even a... more
I've dipped in and out of this latest series of Red Dwarf but I had to make a point of watching Skipper as it features the long-awaited return of Norman Lovett as Holly the computer. Sorry if that... more
It's been pretty canny of the BBC to put this whole series out on iPlayer straight away. Let's face it, how many stressed mums are going to feel like having their knackered lives played back to them... more


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