Being taken through the six episodes via six vlog-based challenges, episode two takes us before the bright lights of Fashion and Beauty. Liam Williams joins Millipede, and this time she’s brought... more
I could pretty much watch anything that Tim Key is in, so I’m glad he is in Gap Year. I’m not sure if I’d have stuck with the opening episode without his moon-faced grin popping up soon after the... more
Never let it be said that John Shuttleworth does not respond to global events. His latest show, My Last Will And Tasty Mint, is his response to the catalogue of music business deaths in the last year... more
I was chatting to someone on Facebook about sitcoms this morning and they suggested that the episode of Hancock where he sits around on the sofa all day and nothing happens is one of the weirdest... more
It’s that time again. When critics try to wrestle with writing about the brilliant Inside No 9 without giving away any spoilers. And times are even harder now. In the past one could give reveals away... more
When I saw David Baddiel’s latest stage show My Family: Not The Sitcom, I expected it to be equally about both of his intriguing, eccentric parents. In fact it was predominantly about his late mother... more
The premise is simple. Desperate for cash, known-grumbler Liam Williams drunkenly enters an online competition to find the next hot young thing in ‘vlogging’. But unable to shed the cynicism that has... more
We’ve all had a friend at school who disappeared suddenly after only a few terms haven’t we? I know I did. And in the second episode of this deliciously well-observed mockumentary following the lives... more
This year’s UK Pun Championships Final went the full WWF. The eight finalists didn’t perform on a stage, they had their joke-offs in a wrestling ring MC’d by Jason Byrne, who press-ganged audience... more
I don’t know why this niggles me so much but This Country is another of those series that is flagged up as an online BBC Three programme but then, like Uncle and Cuckoo and other classy comedies, no... more


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