Curb Your Enthusiasm: Atlanta, Series 12, Episode 1

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Atlanta, Series 12, Episode 1

In the first episode in what has been called the last series, Larry David goes out of his comfort zone and travels to Atlanta where he is being paid by a rich fan to mingle with guests at a party. Except that David – or at least the character of David – doesn't really have a comfort zone. He has what you might call a discomfort zone. Everything he touches turns to Awkward.

I shouldn't really be reviewing this. I love Curb so much I can't be impartial. But I have to say that the first episode is not quite up there with the best episodes. You can sort of see the strings working as little niggles are set up at the start that are surely going to be bigger niggles later on. But that doesn't mean there aren't a number of laugh-out-loud cringe moments. Then again, i'm the sort of superfan laughs out loud at Larry just walking down the street.

So there is lots to love here even if some plot threads stretch credulity. When he breaks his glasses he ends up wearing women's glasses – surely he'd heard of elastic bands that could've temporarily held his own glasses together? 

And, of course, the big bugbear for me is why would he travel all the way to Atlanta for this corporate style gig, which you know is never going to end well, when David the character, as with David the real David, is obscenely rich, thanks to the success of Seinfeld, which he helped to make such a success.

But then you have to suspend some disbeliefs soimetimes and these are worth suspending just to enjoy David's arguments with Siri, dealings with a waiter or attempts at being cordial at a social event: "do you even know how to be cordial?". It's a shame he had to travel as it means we don't see so much of his girifriend Irma (Tracey Ullman), who he is only staying with to protect her fragile mental health (so maybe he does have a heart).

While this is no classic opener it does bode well for the series/season, with lots of set ups that will be played out over the episodes. Even if it does conclude with a contrived encounter with the police, Curb is never less than arresting.

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