Podcast Review: Richard Herring Interviews Vic Reeves
Richard Herring's acclaimed Leicester Square Theatre Podcast has been getting out and about recently, interviewing stars all over the country. Recent scoops have included Michael Sheen, Russell... more
Tv Review: The Cockfields, Episode Three, Gold
Note - for those that haven't seen the final episode yet this does contain spoilers... This has been a real gem. It's a shame it is only a trilogy, but in those three episodes we have really got... more
There were no major dramas in the first instalment of this three-part comedy and there are none in the gloriously mundane second part either. Unless you count a minor altercation with a neighbour (... more
TV Review: The Cockfields, Gold
In David Baddiel's new play God's Dice the lead character talks about infinite parrallel universes. If this is the case then there must be a universe where Joe Wilkinson is the superstar host of an... more
 News: Brexit Comedy For C4
I presume this comedy-slash-documentary was scheduled for the late night slot on C4 on Halloween night because that was the point when Britain was scheduled to leave the EU. Well, one of the points... more
Radio Review: Little Brexit, Radio 4
I’m not sure if they said it would never happen, but it didn’t seem likely to happen. Yet Brexit may not have brought the country together but it did bring Matt Lucas and David Walliams back together... more
Theatre Review: God's Dice, Soho Theatre, W1
David Baddiel is best known for his laceratingly honest comedy. God's Dice is the polymath's first play and while there are a few good gags in it, despite it being written by someone who is best... more
TV Review: Harry Hill's Clubnite, C4
After a few outings on BBC Harry Hill broke big with his own Channel 4 series in 1997, complete with cat puppet, badgers and a winning mix of surrealism and vaudeville. Fom there he found mainstream... more
Tv Review: Dave Gorman: Terms And Conditions Apply*
It's always a good thing to see Dave Gorman back on our television screens whatever he is up to. And it is fair to say that his new show Terms And Conditions Apply is different to his last show on... more
Review: Living With Yourself, Netflix
Are you one of those people who watches Black Mirror and wishes Charlie Brooker could do a comedy version of his futuristic version? Then Living With Yourself might be just up your street. It's got... more
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