TV: Semi-Detached, BBC Two
New Lee Mack sitcom? The stand-up star is more like Lee Manic here, pinballing from one domestic suburban crisis to another while barely pausing for breath. The USP gimmick, from writers David Crow... more
Live Review: Mark Watson's Carpool Comedy With Sophie Duker, Lou Sanders, Tim Key, Jen Brister, Selhurst Park FC
By compere and intrepid organiser Mark Watson’s own admission, this is not the perfect way to experience comedy. Parked in your car in the car park of Crystal Palace Football Club on the hottest day... more
Video: Clash of the Irish Titans – The Young Offenders Quizzed By Normal People's Paul Mescal
If nothing else good comes out of the pandemic at least there is a chance that more people will see The Young Offenders. I'm not sure if it is because the BBC is running out of new programmes to... more
Film Review: How To Build A Girl, Amazon Prime
Channel 4 decided to stop making Caitlin Moran's semi-autobiographical sitcom Raised By Wolves after two series, but maybe if they had carried on it might have turned out something like this. How To... more
Hal Cruttenden, Ivo Graham, Helen Bauer, Matt Richardson
The main feeling was one of relief. And joy. And delight. And, bloody hell, this Coke is expensive, but who cares? And other positive things. On Friday night Lauderdale House in Highgate had the... more
TV Review: Frankie Boyle Live: Excited for You to See and Hate This, BBC
Has Frankie Boyle got more mellow or has everybody else got more furious? I missed this show when it slipped out on the BBC a couple of nights ago but the fact that it seems to have been broadcast... more
Review: The Young Offenders, BBC Three
If recent hit Normal People offered one slice of young Irish life, The Young Offenders offers a very different one. This hit series homes in on what you might politely call the rougher side of Irish... more
Last weekend we entered the brave new post-apocalyptic world of stand-up comedy that you watch in your cars with the first Drive-In Club shows in Brent Cross. Now second out of the gate is shows from... more
Review: Behind The Filter, BBC Three
This one-off 15-minute sitcom pilot from comedian Phoebe Walsh was scheduled to launch in early June. No specific reason was given for its delay, but now it has finally emerged on BBC Three it has... more
Review: Lol – Last One Laughing, Amazon Prime
I know that sometimes it is hard to tell the spoof reality TV shows from the real ones but wasn't there a show a while back in which a group of young good looking people were locked in a house and... more
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