This latest series of Sky Arts' Urban Myths is an interesting mix. I've seen a few now and while I wasn't too keen on the opener featuring Princess Diana on a night out with Freddie Mercury and Kenny... more
back to life
Back to Life is not the first comedy about someone trying to get their act together after coming out of prison. I can just about remember Going Straight, the spin-off of Porridge in which Ronnie... more
ghosts review
It's usually pop stars that have to make that tricky leap from attracting a young fanbase to pulling in a mature audience. Here it's the turn of the Horrible Histories ensemble who make the move into... more
This year's WeGotTickets Musical Comedy Awards final, hosted by Nick Horseman, might just have been the highest standard of any of their finals yet. In its eleventh year eleven acts competed and half... more
Henry Paker is a master of the punchline rug-pull. You think he is taking you in one direction and then, bang, he has flipped things round. He pulls laughs out of the air like a magician pulls... more
fleabag review
This second series of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag definitely feels as if it has opted for a more conventional comic tone. This is not an attempt to start a backlash, just an observation that there... more
After last week's slam dunk of an opening episode the second instalment of the second series slips into more conventional comedy territory with Fleabag's main concern being the fact that she has the... more
Did you catch the first episode of the new series of White Gold on Wednesday night? No? Me neither. The series about 1980s double glazing salespeople seemed to slip out rather discreetly. There may... more
after life netflix
What is the new six-part Netflix series from Ricky Gervais? After Life is certainly funny but it is no sitcom. There is too much going on here that isn't funny to file it snugly under that genre. It'... more
So follow that. After the seismic success of the first series of Fleabag the action picks up 371 days and some hours later, with the family gathered for an important celebratory dinner. But this is... more
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