Writers Bert Tyler-Moore and George Jeffrie have previous when it comes to protraying the lifestyles of the rich and brainless. They wrote The Windsors for C4 and now turn their satirical and... more
UK-based Canadian Mae Martin is certainly getting good mileage out of her 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated show Dope. Bits of it have cropped up on BBC radio and now a shortened version of the... more
Joel Dommett has been so busy since he was a runner-up on I’m a Celebrity in 2016 it is understandable if he has had little time to write a whole new full-length touring show. So it is probably handy... more
While I was writing this review this morning a friend whatsapped me to ask if I'd already seen the new Black Mirror, entitled Bandersnatch. There was only one reply: "I'm not sure". Having sat... more
Let's be honest, you watched the live edition of Not Going Out hoping that the scenery would fall on Lee Mack didn't you? Or at least that something memorable would go wrong. In fact it nearly all... more
It's a bit of an odd thing big comedians doing special Christmas shows. In a business geared to major tours or the Edinburgh Fringe, where do you even find the time to write a special show for... more
It was pretty brave of Gold to schedule this one-off film on primetime on a Saturday night in the run-up to Christmas. But then the channel had reason to be ambitious. Their previous all-star Agatha... more
Well by jiminy this has been a welcome and interesting return for Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, harking right back to their early anarchic days on Channel 4.In this final episode we get more welcome... more
It’s great that this new Vic and Bob series has had such fantastic reviews. Almost everyone has celebrated the fact that they are clearly having bags of fun revisiting some of their old classic... more
Following the success of Vic and Bob's Big Night Out "reimagining" last Christmas here are four brand new episodes revisiting their early unique screwball lunacy. And while I had a few misgivings... more
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