There is more of a sitcom feel to this latest Urban Myths instalment, which tells the true story of how in 2015 divorced dad Kev Wells gave a lift to Public Enemy in his Ford Focus so that they could... more
British TV does seem to be having a fair old crack at satire at the moment. As well as The Mash Report, Deborah Frances-White is making a satire pilot for Channel 4 and now Frankie Boyle's series has... more
Bridget Christie, multi award-winning feminist comedian, author, with her own BBC Radio 4 series and Netflix special, is tired. Christie, she explains at articulate jittery length, is tired of... more
John Finnemore is somewhat the golden chap of BBC Radio 4 comedy. After the huge cult success of his sitcom Cabin Pressure, the love that has been lavished on his sketch show John Finnemore's... more
 Tim Key's latest stage show, Megadate, was one of my favourite shows of recent years, so I was a little nervous hitting play to watch this short adaptation of it, retitled, for reasons that... more
Nick Helm does some proper acting in his self-penned Comedy Short in which he plays a lifetime loser Sam Miller who decides to train to be a champion boxer. When they meet at the gym his trainer... more
It's interesting that the BBC has commissioned this short film from Spencer Jones as they've already commissioned a full series of the similar character Mr Winner from him. Either they've... more
I'm not quite sure why the BBC has commissioned a film from Sara Pascoe as part of their new online Comedy Shorts series. Surely they should have commissioned a whole series straight off the bat.... more
Each of Sky Arts' Urban Myths has had a different tone and this one is no exception. Agatha Christie delves into the mystery surrounding the12-day disappearance of the celebrated crime writer in 1926... more
I think it would be fair to say I'm not in Riot Girls' target demographic. Then again i'm younger than former Labour spin doctor Alistair Campbell and he tweeted that this new hidden camera sketch... more


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