New Zealand's Rose Matafeo isn't really a stand-up comedian at all. She is simply a force of nature. A whirlwind in human form ready to whip up a comedy storm from the moment she walks on and... more
Paul Smith is a genuine comedy phenomenon. To be perfectly honest I’d never heard of him and then last week I noticed that he had a gig coming up at the 4000-capacity Eventim Apollo in London in... more
Carl Barron is one of the most successful comedy performers in Australia and is set to make a rare visit to UK soil, bringing his hugely successful new stand up show “Drinking with a Fork” to the... more
Nick Revell is  a comic legend. He began selling jokes to radio and TV in the late 1970s and did his first stand-up gigs at the Comedy Store in 1980. Since then he has written and... more
What first appealed to you about Mum?I thought it was great that it was a potential love story between two people in their late 50s. You don’t normally get to tell that story. Cathy and Michael are... more
What appealed to you about working on Hold the Sunset?What inevitably draws you towards this is the presence of these great actors. But this is also a great script. It is such a good premise. The... more
What drew you to Hold the Sunset?I love doing shows like this about the quirky aspects of family life. When I heard that John was doing it, I thought, “That will be great fun!” And I haven’t been... more
What drew you (John Cleese) to make your first BBC sitcom since Fawlty Towers 44 years ago?The producer Humphrey Barclay is an old friend of mine. We’ve known each other since 1961 when we were both... more
Channel 4 is screening Young Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory prequel which follows the life of a 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper as he struggles to be understood by his family, classmates and neighbours.The... more
So Damned is back for series 2 and I understand that Al is going through something of a crisis?Yes, he is, he is sort of suffering from burnout, I suppose you’d call it. He’s really starting to... more


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