Did you enjoy taking part in Taskmaster?I enjoyed parts of it. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed a lot of tasks. Driving to that house every day felt a bit like going to an exam you hadn’t... more
Why did you sign up to Taskmaster?I hadn’t watched enough of it to know that it was a bad decision to go on it. I should have known better! I’d seen some of it, I agreed to it, and then I watched a... more
Comedian Pope Lonergan is the mastermind behind the recent The Care Home Tour in which a floating group of stand-ups including Ben Target and Adam Riches performed in care homes, often to people with... more
Why did you sign up to Taskmaster?Oh, man! It’s such a great programme. It was such a delight to be asked! You just get to play, don’t you? I tried to explain it to one of my in-laws and she just... more
Why did you agree to take part in Taskmaster?I’ve been a huge fan of the show for a long time and watched it a lot. It’s one of those programmes I’ve always wanted to do, and I felt very lucky when I... more
Why did you sign up to take part in Taskmaster?I don’t know, I honestly don’t. I hadn’t really watched the show. I wish I had, if I’m honest. It would definitely have helped. James Acaster is a big... more
What’s this series like, Alex?I think it might be our favourite one, which sounds like that’s the sort of thing you say every series. But it’s really good fun and brilliant.What’s so good about it:... more
How would you describe this series?It’s a really great series. I think the tasks are as fresh as ever, and I think it’s funny. Sometimes the teams just gel. I won’t highlight which series, but we’ve... more
Can you live a happy and fulfilled life without releasing a sex tape like everybody else? Eleanor Tiernan has had a bash and reveals the results in her new stand-up show about fitting into the modern... more
Mancunian comedian Phil Ellis won the Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize in 2014 with Funz And Gamez, the kids show that adults loved too. Now he is back with a decidedly grown up show. Phil doesn’t... more
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