Asim Chaudhry plays Arnab and Vicki Pepperdine plays Harriet in the new sitcom High & Dry, which starts on C4 on May 4 at 10.30pm. Read more about it here. Explain a little bit about... more
Marc Wotton plays Brett and Harry Peacock plays Douglas in the new sitcom High & Dry, which starts on C4 on May 4 at 10.30pm. Read more about it here.Explain a little bit about High and Dry –... more
Craig Ferguson appears in the series finale of Still Game (BBC One, tonight at 9.30pm) as stuntman Callum Coburn. Welcome to Still Game! How did your involvement in the show come about?Through... more
Back in the late 1980s it seemed compulsory to have Skint Video on every comedy circuit bill. The satirical musical duo of Steve Gribbin and Brian Mulligan made their name with pithy topical songs.... more
ITV2’s Series 4 of Plebs returns on Monday 9th April with an opening double bill from 10pm. Read interviews with the main cast, new cast members and special guests here and on the next four... more
Tell us about I Don’t Like MondaysIt’s a game show that not only promises you a year off work but it pays your wages for a year as well - not bad eh? The catch is, in order to get the year off and... more
Ten years ago, Joe Bor won the award for Jewish Comedian of the Year. But a question has kept gnawing at Joe’s brain – is he really Jewish enough to be deserving of the title? He tackles... more
Mo Gilligan is a busy man. In the last year his online clips have gone viral, he has filmed a C4 pilot with Big Narstie and has had to keep extending his #couplacans tour due to phenomenal demand. He... more
Lee and Dean is a brand-new comedy series centring on the lives of Stevenage builders Lee (Miles Chapman) and Dean (Mark O’Sullivan), best buddies since childhood.The series follows the relationship... more
Tez Ilyas is definitely a comedian with a difference. There aren't many stand-ups out there with the manner and patter of a prime-time entertainer and the material and passion of a hard hitting... more


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