Natalie Palamides won the Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer Award for a show in which she hatched from an egg onstage and cooked food for everyone on a camping stove while performing. Follow that... more
Hard-working Stephen Mangan talks about his new sitcom Hang Ups below. It starts on Channel 4 on August 8 at 10pm.Explain a bit about the show – what’s Hang Ups all about?It’s the story of a... more
Well they do say comedy is nearly all about timing, so jolly good show to Julian Dutton who, as the title below suggests, is performing a show about Dad's Army star John Le Mesurier just as the... more
You can expect a plethora of shows by comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe to be compared to Black Mirror this year, but this is the only one that is being covered by Rarely Asked Questions as far as we... more
American writer/storyteller/stand-up Sara Barron has written for Vanity Fair, published two essay collections, and has hosted the hit US storytelling show, The Moth. She now lives in the UK and is... more
In 2015 I had one of those "why-haven't-I-heard-of-you-before?" moments when I saw Scott Bennett do a brilliantly crowdpleasing short set at the Edinburgh Fringe. The reason I hadn't heard of him was... more
It's a fair bet that Irish comic Catherine Bohart is going to have a good Edinburgh. She has spent the last couple of years picking up plaudits in comedy compeitions. She was a finalist in the ... more
If Who Do You Think You Are? doesn't come calling, why not go off and do it yourself? That is one of the premises of the new show from John Pendal. In We Are Family the dapper stand-up explores... more
He can be a little bit oversharing on social media, he can sound a bit like David Brent onstage, but George Rigden has something. I'm not sure exactly what it is but I like it. He combines stories... more
Mancunian comic Rachel Fairburn is no shy, retiring flower, she is more like a gobby, thorny rose bush. Her comedy is spikey and dark and in her latest show, The Wolf at the Door, she talks... more
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