If Who Do You Think You Are? doesn't come calling, why not go off and do it yourself? That is one of the premises of the new show from John Pendal. In We Are Family the dapper stand-up explores... more
He can be a little bit oversharing on social media, he can sound a bit like David Brent onstage, but George Rigden has something. I'm not sure exactly what it is but I like it. He combines stories... more
Mancunian comic Rachel Fairburn is no shy, retiring flower, she is more like a gobby, thorny rose bush. Her comedy is spikey and dark and in her latest show, The Wolf at the Door, she talks... more
You might recognise William Andrews from his brief appearances alongside Alan Partridge and in Him & Her. And if you like serious drama you may have spotted him in a straight role in Broadchurch... more
I think you could safely describe Arthur Smith as a genuine Edinburgh Fringe legend without worrying about a law suit landing on your doorstep. He has done shows based on Shakespeare, shows about... more
He's the red-headed/strawberry blonde/gingerish Tim Vine. The lanky Milton Jones. You get the idea. Mark Simmons* is one of the country's top one-liner comics. If you want gags he's got 'em. His show... more
Lloyd Langford is one of those comedians who could probably be a lot more famous if he could just be bothered to engage with the modern world. He doesn't seem to do much on social media, but get him... more
Comedian Ross Smith made the headlines earlier this year when he decided to go on a lads' holiday to Hamburg. With a bunch of strangers. And he's not a lad. He was only invited because someone with... more
Bilal Zafar broke through two years ago with his debut show about how an online joke about him running a muslims-only cake shop (he didn't) spiralled and went viral. This year he returns with another... more
Scott Capurro should put "causing controversy since 1994" on his posters. Ever since the San Francisco comedian won the Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer prize that year he has been known for... more


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