Richard Gadd
Richard Gadd’s Waiting for Gaddot was one of the most talked about shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. It won an Amused Moose award, but how it didn’t pick up at least a Foster’s Award... more
Andi Osho
We haven't seen a lot of Andi Osho on the UK comedy circuit recently because she has been dividing her time between the UK and America. She has acted, made films and appeared regularly on Stateside... more
doug Stanhope
The first time I encountered Doug Stanhope he was in bed in his Edinburgh Fringe flat. I think he may have been tattooing himself at the time. The second time I encountered Stanhope he was doing a... more
John Finnemore
John Finnemore is best known for writing and co-starring in Cabin Pressure, which ran from 2008 – 2014. The multi award-winning sitcom broke R4 box office records with over 23,000 fans... more
John robins by Idil Sukan
If you don’t know who John Robins is, then it is about time you remedied the situation. Robins is one of the damn finest stand-ups around at the moment. Well-informed radio fans will know him for his... more
Holly burn
Holly Burn is not appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. Instead she has generously given her spot to a Geordie lass called Kirsty K who is using it to celebrate her dead nan's life. In this... more
Alex Edelman
There is a long tradition of American artists being quickly embraced in the UK, from Jimi Hendrix to Bill Hicks. I think at the moment Alex Edelman is in the process of joining that illustrious list... more
Simon Evans
Simon Evans is one of the country's most stylish stand-up comedians. And I'm not just talking about his bespoke suits. On stage he has a relaxed, quiet authority that immediately reassures his... more
There seems to be no stopping the inexorable rise of clowning on the Fringe. Ever since Dr Brown won the Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2012 I feel as as I have been inundated by press releases mentioning... more
Kelly Kingham
Comedy critics are supposed to be able to tell who is good and who is bad. But sometimes some acts simply defy the easy good v bad equation. When I saw Kelly Kingham at the New Act of the Year final... more


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