Jos Houben is returning to the London International Mime Festival with two shows in January 2016. His classic solo show The Art of Laughter and the world premiere of Marcel, in which he reunites with... more
2015 was Sam Simmons’ breakthrough year. He had always had a loyal cult following and had regularly picked up award nominations for his screwy comedy shows, but Spaghetti for Breakfast found him... more
Cariad Lloyd was nominated for a Foster’s Best Newcomer Award in 2011 and since then has also made a name for herself on the live scene, most notably with Austentatious, the highly skilled troupe who... more
Luisa Omielan has always done things her own way. She put on her first show What Would Beyonce Do?! without a manager and turned it into a huge hit. She followed it up with Am I Right Ladies?! and... more
John Early has been described as "endearingly honest and absurdly funny" by The New York Times, "a cross between Dennis the Menace and Christopher Guest" by PAPER Magazine and  "cute and young... more
I've had that John Robertson in the back of my lounge. A while back I was unable to go to his Dark Room show so he very kindly came to me to perform a bespoke intimate version. It was great fun but I... more
Justin Moorhouse is a very funny bloke who makes something very hard look very easy. I met him backstage at a comedy event in Wales earlier this year and he made me laugh more times in the green room... more
Every couple of years I sit down at my laptop and write the words "why isn't Boothby Graffoe a household name?". It's that time again. I don't like to use the word genius but I'll happily use it when... more
I'm sure I was not the first person to say that Nunhead-based American Lewis Schaffer is like a real-life Rupert 'King of Comedy' Pupkin and I doubt if I will be the last. But things are changing. In... more
Michael Smiley
As long as you’ve hit the save key on your Apple Mac you’ll never lose anything. Yeah, right. That’s not what happened here. In late 2013 I interviewed the hardest working man in showbiz Michael... more


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