Michael j dolan
Comedy's bleak philosopher is back asking the questions nobody else will. When did I last go outside? Am I already dead? How are you meant to maintain a happy marriage in the face of the unstoppable... more
Andrew Watts
One of the word-of-mouth hits in Edinburgh last year was Andrew Watts' Feminism For Chaps. It did so well that Watts added some extra free daytime shows and I had to sit behind a family tucking into... more
Joanna Neary
If you like your comedy off-the-beaten track you really should have come across Joanna Neary by now. She has been doing, sorry about this word, ‘quirky’ characters in shows such as Robin Ince's Book... more
Felicity Ward
Felicity Ward was one of the first comedians to make a splash on The John Bishop Show. I tuned in expecting the usual Saturday night supermarket checkout/airport security blandness and instead got... more
matthew Crosby
Following yesterday's interview with Pappy's lynchpin Tom Parry, today we are gently probing the tiniest (in height) member of Pappy's, Matthew Crosby, whose solo show is at Just The Tonic's Mash... more
Tom Parry poster
Whether you are in a band or a sketch group when members start doing solo shows it can mean various things. Maybe their egos are too big contain as part of an ensemble. Maybe they just want to flex... more
Terry Alderton
Terry Alderton has had one of the most varied careers in stand-up. He's done mainstream, shiny-floored primetime TV, been nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award and, most recently, has evolved into... more
Steve Bugeja
It is never easy being the last act on the bill in a comedy competition, but Steve Bugeja won the BBC Radio New Comedy Award in 2013 when he closed the show. His performance was so striking he felt... more
sofie hagen
I didn’t realise how much reviews could hurt until Sofie Hagen reviewed me. Having given her a lukewarm write-up – I think I said that she talked too much about her sex life – she tweeted that I... more
Michael Legge
Irishman Michael Legge is a riddle trapped inside an enigma. Or something. He does his own stupid shows, he also does angry stupid shows with library-on-legs Robin Ince. He can also get into a right... more


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