Sarah Franken
The Rarely Asked Questions series asks all comedians the same questions. The first question has particular significance in this case. Comedian Sarah Franken used to be comedian Will Franken, so he... more
mitch Benn
Mitch Benn is a busy man. Very busy. When not on the radio doing his own shows or topical songs on The Now Show, the Liverpool-born comedian is often on tour. When he's not on the radio or on tour he... more
jonny sweet
Jonny Sweet's new romantic comedy series Together continues on BBC3 at 10.30pm tonight. Here is a review of episode one. Please watch it, it is brilliant, Sweet is brilliant and it also features a... more
Spencer jones
Spencer Jones Presents The Herbert In Proper Job was one the shows that I saw in Edinburgh this year that restored my faith in the power of comedy. Every night Jones would perform in front of an... more
dina Martina
When I saw Dina Martina at the Soho Theatre in 2008 I was expecting a fairly generic drag/cabaret act. That’ll teach me to judge a book by it’s garishly bewigged cover. Martina straddles all sorts of... more
richard herring happy now?
Podcast pioneer, purveyor of plays, stand-up comedian. Richard Herring's work ethic is enviable. This year he became a father and decided not to do Edinburgh but did he take his foot off the gas?... more
Richard Gadd
Richard Gadd’s Waiting for Gaddot was one of the most talked about shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. It won an Amused Moose award, but how it didn’t pick up at least a Foster’s Award... more
Andi Osho
We haven't seen a lot of Andi Osho on the UK comedy circuit recently because she has been dividing her time between the UK and America. She has acted, made films and appeared regularly on Stateside... more
doug Stanhope
The first time I encountered Doug Stanhope he was in bed in his Edinburgh Fringe flat. I think he may have been tattooing himself at the time. The second time I encountered Stanhope he was doing a... more
John Finnemore
John Finnemore is best known for writing and co-starring in Cabin Pressure, which ran from 2008 – 2014. The multi award-winning sitcom broke R4 box office records with over 23,000 fans... more


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