What appealed to you about Inside No.9?First and foremost working with Reece and Steve.  I’d taken part in Psychoville in a previous incarnation - I’ve always loved their work and love working... more
Nick Mohammed is always busy, but he is particularly busy at the moment. He performs at a special all-star gig at the Adelphi Theatre, 100 Hearts Charity Gala, in aid of Royal Brompton and... more
The last time I saw Tim Key he was onstage at the Old Vic in Art. The next time I will be seeing him is onscreen. Key plays Greg in E4’s new eight part comedy-drama Gap Year. Here he talks about the... more
Charlie Baker is something of a lovely hybrid, an old school song and dance man plus a classic modern comedian. He is sharp and funny and loves jazz and you may have seen him recently as Harry Hill’s... more
Your new programme is How to Survive the End of the World. What’s the idea?It’s basically a small terrified man and his (would you believe it) even smaller and sometimes more terrified wife making a... more
I've been a big fan of Alice Lowe since I first saw her at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in various Garth Marenghi shows at the turn of the century. In fact when historians talk about female winners... more
Q: What is E4's Gap Year about?TB: The show is about travel in essence, it’s about people escaping from something at home or people going out and hoping that by travelling and seeing the world they... more
Please have a read of this interview with Rhys James. I think it gives you a real flavour of his sense of humour. He is smart and funny and has a way with words – check out his one-liners on Twitter... more
What’s Uncle about?Uncle is an unconventional family sitcom. The first series was about a suicidal, estranged uncle who gets reunited with his nephew. It was about how you had these two... more
I don’t really know journalist Viv Groskop but I do know her writing. It is sharp, funny and well-observed. In recent years she has been developing another string to her bow, adding stand-up comedy... more


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