Sean Kelly is best known as the ever-smiling, ever-shouting, fast-talking auctioneer star of TV's Storage Hunters. But he is also a comedian and he is coming to Edinburgh to talk about his crazy life... more
We haven't seen much of Chris Turner on the London stand up circuit recently and you can read more about the reason why below. He moved from London to Los Angeles a while back in the pre-Trump glory... more
In Juliette Burton's latest show Butterfly Effect she investigates the power of kindness. While most of us find it hard enough being kind to ourselves – let alone others – is being nice outdated... more
Caroline’s memory isn’t what it once was. Or so she assumes. Join her as she desperately tries to memorise the 103 allowable two-letter Scrabble words, in this joyful, addled meander through self-... more
We try not to take political sides at Beyond The Joke, so here is a plug for Leo Kearse's show, I Can Make You A Tory. Kearse won the UK Pun Championships at the Leicester Comedy Festival in 2015 so... more
In boxing, the only thing more powerful than sibling rivalry is brotherly love. Stand-up Kai Humphries and his brother Gav grew up on a council estate in Blyth and in Humphries' new show Punch-Drunk... more
Loyiso Gola is big in South Africa and getting bigger in the UK, where you may have seen him recently on Mock The Week. He has been Emmy-nominated twice and won the Comics' Choice Award. Returning to... more
Maddy Anholt has a mixed Dutch, Irish and Persian heritage. Some say this is why she wears clogs whilst dancing with a leprechaun and smoking a hubbly-bubbly. Or that's what her biog says anyway... more
I did wonder if Mark Nelson’s three year old daughter Isla should answer these Rarely Asked Questions. This year she upstaged her father by starring in a series of videos that went viral. "The... more
There is a thesis waiting to be written about the crossover between stand-up and rap. Among others there is Doc Brown, Abandoman to name two and then there is Baba Brinkman. The Canadian rapper... more


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