Mark Simmons

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Mark Simmons

He's the red-headed/strawberry blonde/gingerish Tim Vine. The lanky Milton Jones. You get the idea. Mark Simmons* is one of the country's top one-liner comics. If you want gags he's got 'em. His show is packed with them. It's clever stuff too, done in his own distinctive, thoughtful style. Don't worry if you think a punchline doesn't quite work for you, that's probably because it's a set-up for another gag further on in the show.


Video: Mark Simmons Campaigns To Be The Face Of Harvester

Here is the third instalment of Mark Simmons' current series about a man that wants to be the face of Harvester. It is directed by comedian Danny Ward and in this episode Simmons visits a church to boost his campaign.

The idea comes from Simmons coming sixth in this summer's Dave Joke of the Fringe Competition with the joke: "Combine Harvesters. And you'll have a really big restaurant."

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