Video: One Liner King Mark Simmons & 27 Chums Deliver Quickfire Gags

Video: One Liner King Mark Simmons Issues Challenge to 27 Other Comics

One-liner comedian Mark Simmons has followed the example of performers doing stunts in super-quick succession onine by putting together a video in which 27 top comics 'pass' the mic to each other in their different lockdown locations and trade jokes.

Simmons kicks it off with: "Lockdown's been so boring I've started writing letters to myself. Dear me." 

He is followed by comedians including Milton Jones, Tim Vine, Tony Cowards, Adam Bloom, Adele Cliff, Joe Bor, Masai Graham, Olad Falafel, Bec Hill, Jack Gleadow, Robert White, Darren Walsh and Jenny Collier.

If you enjoy what you see here is a good cause that Mark Simmons would like you to support that supports comedians.

Watch Mark Simmons, Mliton Jones, Tim Vine and more below.



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