Tiernan Douieb

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Tiernan Douieb

If anyone out there thinks comedians have an easy life, frittering away their days on Twitter and working for just an hour in the evening a few days a week, meet Tiernan Douieb. He is not only a hard-grafting comic, he also – with Tiffany Stevenson – organises the Phoenix festivals at the Phoenix pub every year. Though admittedly he also spends a lot of time on Twitter.



Opinion: My Red Nose Day Madness by Tiernan Douieb

Tonight and tomorrow I’m taking part in Mark Watson’s 27 Hour Show for Comic Relief. I keep telling people I’m not sure why I’m doing such a ridiculous thing, fully aware that taking part in an event for that long without sleep or rest is hard enough without the added troubles of doing ridiculous challenges throughout.


Opinion: Are Comedy Clubs In A State?

I’m often asked if I have ever done stand-up comedy. I haven’t and I usually say that I can’t think of anything I’d want to do less. Well I can. I’d rather do stand-up than run a comedy club.


Opinion: The State of Comedy Clubs By Tiernan Douieb

This weekend I did a spot at one of my favourite smaller gigs in London. It’s one of those clubs that’s been run by the same people since way before I was even considering a comedy career, and has been home to many special nights of mirth from usual club nights to one-offs and previews. They’ve always promoted newer acts with care and enthusiasm and I’ll always be grateful for them giving me what was one of my first 10 spots, quite a few years ago.


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