News: Sitcom Writing Competition Launched

Short Com has announced the second edition of its annual TV Sitcom Writing Competition for 2021. The competition seeks to find the best new emerging comedy screenwriting talent and help them break into the industry. 


News: Guess What Britain's Funniest Sitcom Is

A new study has decided what Britain's funniest sitcom is.

The research, by, asked 125 volunteers to binge-watch the top 10 funniest British sitcoms chosen by comedy TV lovers. Based on the total laughter duration for each show (measured by decibels), they were able to rank the funniest sitcoms by how many times they laughed.


News: Last Of The Summer Wine 'Battleaxe' Dies

Juliette Kaplan, who played Pearl Sibshaw in the classic long-running sitcom Last of the Summer Wine, has died.

Kaplan, who appeared in the programme for a quarter of a century from 1985 to 2010, had celebrated her eightieth birthday last week. She also appeared in Coronation Street.


News: Irish Border Comedy for BBC

“We patrol the border, but we’re here to let you through.” So say the newly-established crack team of Soft Border Patrol officers (SBP), who have hit the highways and byways of Northern Ireland with their very own special brand of ‘border patrolling’.

Such is their strong professionalism and determination to adhere to the law, the teams scour the countryside for anyone or anything (fish included) found to be unofficially crossing the border by land, sea or a


News: Irish Comedy Give My Head Peace Returns

Give My Head Peace will be making a return to BBC Northern Ireland with three new episodes in early 2018.

Da, Cal, Ma, Uncle Andy, Billy and Dympna will be up to their usual comedy antics alongside Big Mervyn, Pastor Begbie and some special guests and new characters.

There’ll also be a few changes for Ulster’s most dysfunctional family as they come to terms with Brexit and Gerry Adams’ decision to stand down as Sinn Fein President.


Book Excerpt: Writing That Sitcom By James Cary

Writing the perfect sitcom is the Holy Grail of comedy. Get it right and you will be carried through the city on people’s shoulders. Get it wrong and you might as well go and hide under a stone. Look at the brickbats aimed at Ben Elton’s The Wright Way. Even the co-writer of Blackadder got it wrong. 


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