Romesh Ranganathan

TV Review: Asian Provocateur, BBC3

If BBC3 is going down at least it is going down fighting. Next month it airs a scintillating new sitcom from Josh Widdicombe, this week it launches a fab new documentary series fronted by Romesh Ranganathan. Asian Provocateur finds our uber-grumpy guide packed off to Sri Lanka by his Crawley-based mum to find out about the country his family comes from. “I know more about Horsham,” he admits.

News: Triple-Pronged TV Projects For Romesh Ranganathan

Rising star Romesh Ranganathan is currently involved in three different TV projects.

It was announced last week that he will be a regular guest on The Apprentice: You're Fired when Jack Dee takes over from previous host Dara O’Briain for the imminent next series.

News: Romesh Ranganathan Goes To Sri Lanka

Rising star Romesh Ranganathan is making a series for BBC3 in which he goes to Sri Lanka to connect with his roots. The six-part series, Romesh’s Return Ticket (working title) will be broadcast later this year.

Review: BBC iPlayer Funny Valentines – Romesh Ranganathan: Rom Com

Romesh Ranganathan’s short film seems to have taken its inspiration from Dapper Laughs. Ranganathan plays a geeky guy on a first date at a bowling alley getting advice from his laddish alter ego, also played by RR, who mocks him for being such a hopeless nerd and suggests he try a bit more banter. Of course, apart from the premise Rom Com is not remotely like Dapper Laughs. This is actually funny, as we see how the date went in flashback alongside a nice montage of previous dates – RR, by the way, can do a mean robot dance.  

Preview: This Comedian – Live, Duchess Theatre

I wrote recently about how sometimes it can be a frustrating for people who see a lot of comedy to hear the same comedians – however brilliant – do the same material every time you see them. This Monday’s all-star, must-see gig at the Duchess Theatre seems to have come up with the answer.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Romesh Ranganathan

When I wrote about Romesh Ranganathan winning the Leicester Comedy Festival Comedian of the Year Award in 2013 I spelt his surname wrong. It is no excuse of course, but I had never heard of him back then. There is not much chance of getting his name wrong now. The ex-teacher has very quickly made his name as a high-profile jokesmith on TV and stage. He’s got what they call the skills to pay the bills.

News: Newsjack Returns

The eleventh series of Newsjack, the BBC’s open-door sketch show, starts tonight. This is the only topical comedy show that anyone can write for by submitting sketches and one-liners. It is on Radio 4 Extra at 10.30pm and then continues every Thursday night for 5 weeks.

Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Angela Barnes

Angela Barnes is the best mainstream female comedian I’ve seen since Sarah Millican*. I can't be any clearer than that can I? She has gradually been building up an impressive following wind since winning the BBC New Comedy Award in 2011 and I would not be surprised one little bit at all if she fares very well in Edinburgh this summer. She is promoted by Off The Kerb management who have an eye for popular, populist talent. They made a star out of Michael McIntyre and are currently sprinkling their fairy dust on Seann Walsh.

Preview: Battle Of The Rolfalikes

In the first in an occasional series, Beyond The Joke takes a look at comedians heading to Edinburgh who have something unlikely in common. First up we take a look at comedians who share a passing resemblance to Rolf Harris.

Once upon a time this might have been a jolly thing. Something to be proud of. A talking point. Maybe even something that might have helped you inch your way up the showbiz ladder. Or at least get some lookalike work if times were tough. 

Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Josh Widdicombe

Today’s pick of the previews is so obviously essential viewing I hardly need to write any more. Josh Widdicombe and Romesh Ranganathan are running out their latest material – though in Widdcombe’s case he isn't doing a full Edinburgh run, but broadcasting his XFM live show from the Fringe. We’ve written about Ranganathan before so let’s focus on Widdicombe here. Since coming to prominence with The Last Leg has become a TV panel game regular. A small cavil though. If possible too regular.


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