Richard Gadd

Opinion: Edinburgh 2016 - The Year That Comedy Got Less Funny?

“It’s just not funny enough.” This was a comment that I kept hearing during the Edinburgh Fringe this year. Not necessarily about the newly-crowned Best Comedy Show winner Richard Gadd, but even he was aware that being listed in the comedy section prompted certain expectations. During his candid show he talked about mistakes he has made in his life - one of them, he quipped, was listing his triumphant Monkey See Monkey Do in the comedy section of the programme. 


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Richard Gadd

Richard Gadd’s Waiting for Gaddot was one of the most talked about shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. It won an Amused Moose award, but how it didn’t pick up at least a Foster’s Award nomination I don’t know. Maybe it simply freaked the panel out. It’a real mindfuck of a show that relentlessly upends your expectations of what a comedy show should be about.



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