Jeremy Clarkson

TV Review: Have I Got News For You, BBC1

Well, they do say timing is important in comedy. If only the new series of Have I Got News For You had returned for its fiftieth, yes, fiftieth series last Friday. I would imagine that then it would have been all over Piggate like a rash(er). Instead it was nine minutes into the first show in the latest run before it got a mention. 


Opinion: Clarkson on Have I Got News For You – A Guaranteed Hit?

Breaking News 9/4 - Jeremy Clarkson is no longer going to be guest hosting Have I Got News For You on April 24. Quoted on the BBC website Jimmy Mulville, managing director of show producers Hat Trick Productions, said: ""On reflection, Jeremy Clarkson has decided not to host Have I Got News For You. We fully expect him to resume his hosting duties later in the year."




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