Jay Islaam

Opinion: Jay Islaam On Online Marketing For Comedians (And Other Creatives)

Here's a slightly amended version of an article by Jay Islaam which he posted last weekend. There are some very interesting pointers here for anyone dipping their toes in online marketing - and if you are reading this website that probably means you. BD.


I trained as a journalist with the BBC, and then developed my craft with British and American broadcasters. I’ve spent the last decade working as a marketing consultant. So I’m steeped in old media – print, radio, television.


Opinion: ...Or Maybe Comedy Courses Are Worth Doing

So you want to be a comedian? Should you do a comedy course? It’s a question I’m often asked at comedy conferences.

The recent blog post by Jay Islaam questioning the wisdom of doing comedy courses suggested that maybe they are not worth doing. He made some good points, but the answer, however, is not as simple as that. 


Opinion: Jay Islaam Wonders if Comedy Courses Are Worth Doing

Three months ago I attended a paid “workshop” in Bristol, which promised to help new comedians improve their chances of winning comedy competitions. One by one, more than a dozen of us got up and did seven minutes of material to each other, and were subsequently judged, X-Factor style, on our performances by a professional comedian and a left-wing comedy critic/booker.


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