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News: This Country Duo and Inside No. 9 Duo Win Bafta Awards

Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Cooper, the creators, writers and stars of acclaimed comedy This Country have won the Breakthrough Talent Award at the British Academy Television Craft Awards.

In other categories Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton won Best Writer: Comedy for their work on the chilling anthology series Inside No. 9.


Opinion: Your Perfect Inside No. 9 Series

The fourth series of Inside No. 9 went out with a bang with the final episode, Tempting Fate, and it was accompanied by the splendid news that there will be a fifth series that will be unleashed in 2019.


News: Fifth Series Of Inside No. 9 Announced

The BBC has today confirmed that a fifth series of the award-winning Inside No. 9 will come to BBC Two next year.

The announcement follows a very successful fourth series from Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, which kicked off with the highest launch and consolidated rating the show has seen (1.8m).


TV: Inside No. 9 – Series 4, Episode 6, Tempting Fate, BBC2

The current fourth series of Inside No. 9 has probably been the most consistently brilliant series yet, delivering different, distinctive and unforgettable episodes each time. And it goes out in fantastic style this week with an episode that has numerous nods towards the horror genre, not to mention a delicious callback to past Inside No. 9s.


TV: Inside No. 9 – Series 4, Episode 5, And The Winner Is..., BBC2

Inside No. 9 creators Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton have assembled a starry cast for the penultimate episode of their current series, entitled And The Winner Is...It is a subject that is probably close to their hearts, television awards.


TV: Inside No. 9 – Series 4, Episode 4, To Have And To Hold, BBC2

Firstly an apology. I got into a tiny puddle of hot water after giving away a little too much of last week's Inside No. 9 plot in my write-up so I'm going to tread very delicately here and steer clear of as many spoilers as possible for the fourth episode in this consistently astonishing series, entitled To Have And To Hold.


TV Preview: Inside No. 9, Nana's Party, BBC2

“Don’t worry about the future: you can’t predict it,” says Nana at her 79th birthday lunch. You certainly can’t predict what will happen in the consistently distinctive Inside No. 9, which this week goes deep into the black heart of suburbia for Nana’s Party.


TV Preview: Inside No. 9 – Cold Comfort, BBC2

I don’t know who decides on the running order of Inside No. 9, but each episode is so distinctive it would be impossible for this six-part series to start to feel samey. The only thing each instalment shares is the ability to shake you up. Well, shake you up and take up residence in your psyche long after the credits have rolled.


TV Preview: Inside No. 9 – The Twelve Days Of Christine, BBC2

The co-star of this week’s Inside No. 9, Tom Riley, recently tweeted that it was “maybe the greatest half hour of TV I’ve ever been lucky enough to be in”. Actors are not unfamiliar with the art of hyperbole, so perhaps we should take that with a wheelbarrow full of salt. On the other hand I think he might just be right.

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