Inside No. 9

TV Preview: Inside No. 9, Nana's Party, BBC2

“Don’t worry about the future: you can’t predict it,” says Nana at her 79th birthday lunch. You certainly can’t predict what will happen in the consistently distinctive Inside No. 9, which this week goes deep into the black heart of suburbia for Nana’s Party.


TV Preview: Inside No. 9 – Cold Comfort, BBC2

I don’t know who decides on the running order of Inside No. 9, but each episode is so distinctive it would be impossible for this six-part series to start to feel samey. The only thing each instalment shares is the ability to shake you up. Well, shake you up and take up residence in your psyche long after the credits have rolled.


TV Preview: Inside No. 9 – The Twelve Days Of Christine, BBC2

The co-star of this week’s Inside No. 9, Tom Riley, recently tweeted that it was “maybe the greatest half hour of TV I’ve ever been lucky enough to be in”. Actors are not unfamiliar with the art of hyperbole, so perhaps we should take that with a wheelbarrow full of salt. On the other hand I think he might just be right.

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