Garrett Millerick

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Garrett Millerick, Just The Tonic At The Tron

Garrett Millerick is a big bear of a man who you would think could make a good living out of being a professional cynic. From the moment he squeezes onto the stage he is in a controlled rage, despite the show being called the positively cheerful Sunflower. "I'm not a fun guy" he bellows. You said it Garrett.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Garrett Millerick

Garrett Millerick has just accidentally bought a house in the heart of Brexit country. His membership of the Urban Liberal Elite has been rescinded, subsumed into the ranks of the silent majority, he is totally consumed by home improvement, car magazines, property values, bin day and reality television. He is living an Essex based remake of Kafka’s Metamorphosis and has become what he once feared most, Jeremy Clarkson.

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