Edinburgh Preview

Edinburgh Preview: Rob Auton

As I wrote in my piece on how to get reviewed at the Fringe, luck can play its part as much as skill. About ten years ago I stumbled into a show by the then unknown Michael McIntyre because I was nearby and had a spare hour. And in 2013 I was also at a loose end and wandered into a free package show where Rob Auton was doing a taster of his full show. One of his lines was "I heard a rumour that Cadbury is bringing out an oriental chocolate bar.

Edinburgh Preview: Mike Wozniak

In my head Mike Wozniak has a little place in Edinburgh Fringe history. Long before free shows were sweeping the awards board his gratis gig in the basement of a restaurant near the Pleasance was the first free show that the Edinburgh Comedy Award panel advised me to check out back in 2008. It got him a Best Newcomer nod and in retrospect it was the shape of things to come. And since then Wozniak – another GP turned comic like Harry Hill, Simon Brodkin and Paul Sinha – has gone onto bigger things.

Edinburgh Preview: Joe Lycett

To be perfectly honest I don’t know why I’m bothering to tip Joe Lycett. Partly because I’ve only just run a fabulous interview with him here, but mainly because he hardly needs my help. Not even coming from Birmingham is going to hold him back. Lycett is obviously a star-in-waiting, it is just a matter of time and there is nothing on earth anyone can do to stop it.

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