Charlie Baker

News: All-Round Entertainer Charlie Baker Adds Quiz Host To His CV

Comedian Charlie Baker is going to be presenting a new online quiz where contestants can win £500.

The quiz is called QLive and Baker will be hosting it most nights from this Wednesday at 8pm (an hour earlier than the evening edition of App-based quiz HQ, which a number of comedians, including Daniel Kitson, are fans of). It is free to enter, you just need to download the App. 


Rarely Asked Questions – Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker is something of a lovely hybrid, an old school song and dance man plus a classic modern comedian. He is sharp and funny and loves jazz and you may have seen him recently as Harry Hill’s hunchback kitchen assistant in Sky 1’s Tea Time – he also played a wonderfully funny hunchback in Hill's West End X Factor Musical I Can't Sing. But let's not typecast him as fictional figures with bad posture, he also played Tim Reynolds in EastEnders.

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