Bill Hicks

News: Second Bill Hicks Tribute In London

Following news of a Bill Hicks tribute night on Monday February 25 there is a second tribute in London next week to mark 25 years since the legendary stand-up comedian died. 

On Tuesday, February 26 the BFI on the South Bank will be screening Hicks' classic live show Revelations, which was filmed at the Dominion Theatre and caught the comic at his fulminating best.


News: Bill Hicks 25th Anniversary Tribute Night

To mark twenty-five years since the death of outlaw comic Bill Hicks, Bill’s brother Steve Hicks (via Skype) will be joining a panel to remember the life of the iconic comedian at a special tribute night which also includes a screening of the acclaimed documentary American: The Bill Hicks Story. 


News: Bill Hicks Biopic In Pipeline

A film is to be made about the life of legendary comic Bill Hicks. Collider has reported that director Richard Linklater has signed on to make the film for Focus Features.


Opinion: Mitch Hedberg – One Liner Hero

Talk about politics and die young and you become a Comedy God. Tell brilliantly daft one-liners and die young and you are only worshipped by a select band of comedy nerds. That’s the difference between Bill Hicks and Mitch Hedberg. Buzzfeed recently put up a list of what was claimed to be almost all of Hedberg’s jokes ranked in order. I’m not sure if I agree with the precise order, but one thing is for sure, Hedberg, who died aged 37 in 2005, was a genius.


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